Matomo: Best WordPress Analytics Plugin 2020

For all you WordPress website owners wanting an easier way to get customer insights to grow your business, you can now get the solution the professionals use, for free! Matomo Analytics is the #1 used Google Analytics alternative that offers a powerful range of features, security and protects the privacy of your users. This enables you to learn how to improve your website, make the right decisions for your business and stand out in the crowd in a safe and trustworthy way.

Adventages of Matomo Analytics for WordPress

  • 100% data ownership, no one else can see your data
  • Super easy to install. No coding or technical knowledge needed #nocode
  • Free to use forever
  • Designed to save you time as an out-of-box solution (including many Ecommerce stores)
  • Protects the privacy of your users
  • GDPR Manager
  • No data sampling
  • Opportunities to extend with an ever-growing marketplace
  • Supports over 50 languages
  • Comes equipped with Matomo Tag Manager

Installation of Matomo Analytics for WordPress

First, login to your WordPress Dashboard. Then go to “Plugins” -> “Add new” and search for Matomo. Make sure the publisher of the Plugin is also Matomo. After that click “Install” and “Activate”.

Ready to use

That’s it! Now Matomo tracks all Visitors of your Website. You also can use the Tag-Manager. A Tag Manager lets you manage and unify all your tracking and marketing snippets in one place. Such snippets are typically JavaScript code or HTML and let you integrate various features into your site in just a few clicks, for example:

  • Analytics
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Newsletter signups
  • Exit popups and surveys
  • Remarketing
  • Social widgets
  • Affiliates
  • Ads and more

Using Matomo in Combination with iThemes Security

If you also using iThemes Security (Pro) with your WordPress, make sure the following boxes aren’t checked in the section called “System Tweaks”:

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